Training for developers and designers new to Drupal

You might be using Drupal for a new client or employer, or want to offer it as a service. Drupal is powerful, but it is also complex. Trying to get your head around it can leave you confused, overwhelmed and exhausted. Imagine if an expert could guide you through these early pains so you don’t waste precise time.

Available as a one and two day workshop, we can help you accelerate up the learning curve and get you on the right path.

You'll get (one day workshop):

  • Enough theory to gain a solid high level understanding of core Drupal concepts and how all the pieces in the Drupal puzzle fit together
  • Exercises to put the theory into practice. You'll build a Drupal site with the key components that you'll use time and time again in the future

If you take the two day workshop, you'll also get:

  • An introduction to creating custom themes and modules

This is also available if you run a development team and are looking to get them up to speed with Drupal as fast as possible.

Available for £900 per day for a solo developer/designer or £1200 per day for a team (2 to 6 people).

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