2008 Open Source CMS Award Nominations Open

Nominations are now open for the 2008 Open Source CMS Award. This is the third year that Packt are running the awards.

You can nominate your favorite open source CMS in four categories:

  • Overall Winner
  • Most Promising Open Source CMS
  • Best Open Source PHP CMS
  • Best Other Open Source CMS

The top 5 CMS's with the most nominations will go through to the final round.

You can also nominate an individual in the new Open Source MVP category. So if you feel that one of the contributors to your favorite open source CMS is a super star, get nominating.

The Packt Open Source CMS Award is a great opportunity to thank those that volunteer their time and put in a huge effort for the benefit of others. It is important that we do not take these people for granted. So if you use Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla or any of the other great open source CMS's, take a small amount of time to nominate.

Good luck to all the projects [especially Drupal! ;) ]

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