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Drupal is an incredible platform. If you leverage it correctly, it can deliver incredible results for your business. But you need someone with real, solid and deep understanding of Drupal to truly get the best out of it. I want to help you get the best of all that Drupal can offer.

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I book consulting in one week blocks. Smaller projects can be booked as a single one week block. With bigger projects, we can book multiple weeks (consecutive or split up depending on your needs). You will get complete transparency, fast turnaround and the chance to provide your feedback each and every week.

Monthly partnership retainers are also available where it makes sense to work in an ongoing consistent manor.

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Blair Wadman

I am an independent London based Drupal developer who has worked with some of the world's leading brands, such as NBC Universal, Bauer Publishing, Dennis Publishing and Haymarket Media Group, helping them leverage the power of Drupal. I have been developing with Drupal for over 9 years. I authored Master Drupal Development, regularly write Drupal tutorials and run a Drupal newsletter.

Some of the companies and brands I have had the privilege of collaborating on Drupal projects with:

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Terry Fido - Director of South West Software:

Quite simply, Blair is one of the best Drupal developers I have ever worked with.

He has an extensive knowledge of existing Drupal modules and current and up-and-coming trends in web development.

His module development skills are excellent and has proved to be an excellent mentor for some of the junior members of the team - an excellent and valuable team member. He is able to come up with innovative solutions to issues that the business didn't even know they had.

He is so much more than just a Drupal developer and has shown that he has the necessary skills to lead teams if that is the path he wishes to follow. I always had every confidence that good decisions would be made when I wasn't available.

I have no hesitation in recommending Blair to any team and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again

Mat Searle - Development Manager at Haymarket Media Group:

I have had the pleasure to work with Blair on two seperate Drupal projects for two highly regarded companies over the course of 18 months.

I can honestly say that Blair is one of the best Drupal developers I know and has extensive knowledge of the API and best practices to use when developing in Drupal.

He has fantastic leadership skills, which have been evident each time I have worked with him. Added to this he has the patience to mentor and develop more junior developers. I have first hand experience of this as he has been mine for 18 months.

Blair has very strong communication skills, a rarity in the development world and this proves him to be an asset of any company who is lucky enough to have him on their team.

I would in the future and have in the past recommended Blair to any company. Each time I will be proved right in doing so.

Simply put, Blair is one of the best Drupal developers out there.

Damian Robinson - Drupal Consultant:

Blair is an experienced drupal developer with a great depth knowledge of drupal across many aspects of drupal from writing custom modules to system administration. With this depth of experience and knowledge Blair created a solid platform for developing and maintaining a portfolio of high profile magazine websites which collectively receive millions of page impression per month, and have hundreds of thousands of active users

Julia Toni - Marketing Director at H Bauer Publishing:

Blair is a highly experienced drupal developer who really understands how to apply technical skills to commercial advantage. He's also a great guy and is able to communicate complex solutions in simple language.

Tim Wolfenden - Managing Director of Make it Cheaper Australia:

Blair was fantastic to work with. Extremely goal orientated, and would always deliver first class results. His commercial skills are strong, and his eye for detail on product development is extremely useful in a fast paced online environment. Blair is also great fun to work with.

Sankatha Bamunuge - Consultant Technical Architect:

Blair is one of the few top-notch Drupal/PHP developers that I have came across in my professional career and I was quite lucky to work with him twice on projects for some well known brand names. He has outstanding knowledge in Drupal, PHP and related technologies and concept and is always a key player in the team. Also his product management and team leading background is always comes as a plus to the whole team when it comes to communicating effectively with the business and clearly getting the deliverables and the milestones. I have no hesitation recommending Blair for any organisation who looks for a highly productive and result driven Drupal/PHP consultant and I will always welcome the chance to work with him again.

Farhan Mohamed - Senior Drupal Developer:

Blair has a wealth of knowledge of Drupal and other web technologies, he was instrumental to many of the projects we undertook, providing Drupal specific solutions and maintaining best practice. Give this man a New Zealand americano and he'll build you whatever you want.

I'd love to hear from you & find out more about your project. Please click on one of the options for Build, Improve, Training, or Partnership to find out more about how we can work together.